3D Character Artist needed

I hate to sound like everyone else saying “hey I got this killer game idea, just come make my models”… but then again we all are saying that in a way. I’ve been working with a published author (medieval fantasy, 2 books) and a 2D concept artist for close to a year in designing our first game. Our game is a medieval fantasy adventure game. We have some work done (details to come if interested) and are starting with a fresh start due to a licensing issue (iOS license didn’t transfer to new version of Unity3D). Most of the work can be easily copied/pasted/touched up, saving work from being repeated. However we lack a talented 3D artist. The 2D artist and myself have some 3D modeling experience but not quite game ready.

If you’re interested in helping a fledgling dev team, getting some experience, building your portfolio, and hope to make some money (but not dead set on it) please email me at [email protected] (name is Mike). We hope to hear from you soon!