3D character model

Hey guys,

As you can read in the title, I need a model for a character I need in my private game project.
It is “just” a 3D-Model of the so called “Clonk” from the game “Clonk Rage” (You can see them when you click on the links below). The model has not to be textured but low poly and a rig would be good. Later, this will be the one of the main characters in the game and there will be different versions of him, so the final model should be more professional than I can make it.

The original game “Clonk” is available under the Creative Commons Attribition-NonCommercial license. So I can make a non-commercial game without any problems with the creators. You can read it here: http://www.clonk.de/developer.php?lng=en&sec=

I will give you a precise description if someone is interested in this job. I would pay with PayPal or by transfer and we can talk about the price but I need a rough estimate before you start working. If anyone is interested in this job, you can mail me under [email protected].

The model I need:

And yeah, I am sorry for my bad english but I am from germany ^^

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I’ve sent a PM.