3D character

First time I post here!

Ok, I began creating a character with some kind of a comic-shaped face but very realistic at the same time. I modeled the head (still need a lot of adjustment though) and at the time of this post, I am modeling the ears.
I use sub-surf to model.

I never modeled ears and I find it kind of hard to create all these polygons in the right place to make it look good!

I would like to get feedbacks and most of all, advices as to how to improve everything so I can get the realistic and professionnal result I want. Thanks in advance!

Here are some screenshots of where it is at :


(I removed some views of it for the page to load faster…)

Oh, I am done filling the “hole” where the ear joints the head!

You can see I didn’t glue the two halves of the head yet. Also, its kind of messed up inside the ear…

I rendered the result : (I suck at lightning so nothing fancy so far! just a hemi and a normal lamp!)


I think it has that cartoon and real mix style you are aiming for.

Thanks for the comment.

Here’s an update :

I tried to create realistic eyes and I think its half a success but it is the first time I do that so there is room for improvement!

I gave up temporarily with the ears because I’ve been working on them for over 2 hours and I was beginning to hate them. Actually, I hate them. :-?

Now I am trying to properly adjust the eyelids to surround the eyeballs. I don’t find that easy to do since subsurf don’t always produce the result I am looking for.

I rendered the following image (trying to make the thing looks alive!) :


As always, critics and advices are very welcome!

The eyes are way to big for a malignant face. Also baby blue doesn’t seem like the color to instill fear into people. I would make the eyelids narrower and more angled.

Ok hahahaha really funny! I admit it clearly isn’t malignant anymore!

I just though the character “wanted” to evolve in a different, more peaceful direction!

So I could rename it “innocent peaceful char”!

Thank you for pointing this out to me! The malignant character got lost in the process!

I think the best solution is to rebuild the ear from scratch with a background model…!

I don’t see what’s wrong with the ear, it fits the head.

It doesn’t look like a real ear with all the right curves. Actually, it could be okay if I wanted a “comic-style” ear but I would like to get a more realistic result :slight_smile: That’s why, but I agree with you that it already looks like an ear!

Here is how I am making the new ear (in case someone is interested or wants to give me advices).


looks like one of the aliens from the mailing room in MIB II … just thaught I would share…


Here is what is looks like with the new ear I made up (not yet connected to the head). I also discovered ambient occlusion and it gives a very good result.


I really like what you have so far! Are you going for realism or a level of stylization, cause I like the style it is now, though it’s a bit off for realism. Only crit so far I can see is that your iris looks a bit deep in the eye, so that from the side you can’t see it at all. Overall though it’s a great start.

I noticed the iris thing too so I plan to correct it because, as you say, it is not visible from the side view… too deep into the eye!

I want the realism to come mainly from the materials/texture/lightning… but I admit I suck at it for the moment. Any advice?

Here is an update… I read a tutorial about making hair with particles and I immediatly tried something on my character.


lol, well the problem with the eyes is SOMEONE CUT HIS EYELIDS OFF!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!

no seriously. He needs top and bottom eye lids. How does he blink! His eyes must be real dry. poor fella. Eyelids would make him look way better.

Good point Enriq… :smiley: I will make them asap!

How do you go about making the “red corner” of the eye? You know, the corner closer to the center of the face.

Thank you!

I studied the topology of good head models and I notice that my topology is not quite the same…
For example, there is not a row of quads that goes from the top of the nose to the chin. Kind of strange… :expressionless:

Anyway, here it is so you can tell me what you think [>]


Ok, here is the rough “new topology”…


For the moment it looks shitty but I need to move the vertices.

I lost the “comic” shape of the face but I decided to stay true to my original idea and to model a realistic face. After all, it is just a matter of moving the right vertices at the right place!! :smiley:

Moved to Focused Critique as requested.


Have you got triangles at the corners of the mouth now? This is a major deform area and (some suggest) triangles might cause trouble.