3D Character


I’m currently searching for 3D designer who can model, texture, rig and animate 2 character for game.
Character Concept - No Character Sheet Yet

Animation List

Double Sword Idle
Double Sword Walk Front
Double Sword Run Front
Double Sword Walk Backward
Double Sword Sidewalk
Double Sword Jump
Double Sword Attack
Double Sword Attack 2
Double Sword Attack 3
Double Sword Jump Attack 4
Double Sword Attack 5
Double Sword Attack 6
Double Sword Attack 7
Double Sword Attack 8
Double Sword Attack 9
Double Sword Attack 10
Double Sword Attack 11
Double Sword Attack 12

Textured Low poly Chars with animation

Payment will be based on divided to 2 phase
Phase one after contract signing
Phase 2 after models delivered

Please pm me your price thanks

Hello Ananta,

I have a few questions about your project. First, when you say low poly, how low do you mean? 200, 500, 1000, or higher?
Second, the characters in you picture appear to each have a single sword, yet each of your animations refer to ‘double sword’ so are they each supposed to have two swords? In these animations are the swords supposed to always be in their hands? Also, these attacks, who are they to be fighting and do you need defensive moves?
finally, how large do you want the texture files be? 128, 256, 512, 1024?


I sent an email a little while back. Is this project still going or has the position been filled?


Look at the female characters left hand, it clearly has two swords ^^

PM sent,please check your inbox.

The 3D charecter is the means the thing is seen by the viewer are like in a three ways and the ways is called a dimensions. The 3D is a part which is make this thing posssible on screen…

I have also sent you a PM. Will wait for your response. :slight_smile:


The sword in the left hand was easy to see, it was the sword in the right hand I missed the first time. Also the guy only has the one monster blade as far as I can see, so I think the question still stands.

Seems like there should be more of a time limit on these threads, if the person offering work has not responded in 3 months its not a good sign for the job still being available.

100% agree! There are waaay too many old posts that get resurrected. I did not even notice the date of this original post until now. (that’s my fault, but still would be nice)