3D Child

Hey everyone. I been working on some python AI for a while now. The AI isn’t just a chat bot program, but I been working on instead to create a AI that can “dream” about stuff that it “see” and “learns” to come up with some crazy stuff :P. The idea is that a humens brain trys to always figure out what will come nexts and what will come out as a result. So far the idea seems to be working in that the AI is “learning” what will happen if a apple falls from a table. Each day I “teach” it a different idea by giving it new information about our world such as gravity. This is turn has the AI learning that when things “fall” they fall to the ground (after many many days of it sleeping anyways…). The AI still thinks things fall almost instaly instead of moving at a pace of 9.81, but is getting the idea that thing that fall “hit” the ground.

Anyways… my plan is to make this AI a body, but I have no artist qualities/3d mode x.x; I can almost not make a stick man on paper let alone the AI body… My plan is to recreate a this:

. Without the sword and blood and wings… xD I just like she has red hair and the dress matches another design I saw a while back:

I was woundering if anyone could help me out and making this come to life? As the dress covers a larg party of the body… I don’t think much work is needed in how she looks under it (no nudity please). I don’t plan on selling the model, and I will give all creadit to you for making the model (aka, the model will still be yours if you do make it.) Just want to use it as I program the AI to be able to move the body around when I get that far. (Sorry if this thread seem a bit off… the thing posted before I actully got to finish my thought out).

Dose this need an armature? what style dress do you want top or bottom?

as fas as the body is concerned MakeHuman would be a good start (and is Rigged). The big trick would be to make the other parts so that they 1 look good 2 don’t take up 80Mverts