3D Children - Medical Visualization using Blender / BlenRig


Well, this work is for a job that we are currently doing with Martín Eschoyez (meschoyez). My tasks are already finished, that’s why I’m posting in this section. :smiley:

Basically, the job is about making several models, men and women, from different ages for a medical visualization project. I was in charge of modelling and rigging the characters. Martin is still doing the textures, internal organs and stuff.

In order to do the job, I used BlenRig (www.jpbouza.com.ar), taking advantage of al the re-proportioning and auto-rigging capabilities that the system has. Everything was done in Blender 2.49, except for the sculpted details, which were made in 2.5.

Basically, my work-flow was the following:

  1. re-proportioning the model with BlenRig.
  2. Reshaping the character’s model.
  3. Adjusting the mesh deform cage to make it overlap the new model properly. (End of the rigging process)
  4. Sculpting the hair and the wrinkles of the hands and the face in Blender 2.5.
  5. Baking the Normal Maps.

The deformation of the models is achieved exclusively with Mesh Deform. The rigs use no Shapekeys and no muscle system.

Well, here is the result of my part of the job. In the end, the characters turned out to be a little stylized, but I think they have an acceptable degree of realism for the deadline that we had, and for the detail that the customers wanted. (originally the job was about making Low Poly characters). Anyway, I still have a lot of anatomical studies to do in order to keep on learning :).

These are 30k polygons models, with subsurf level 1 and normal maps.

(I created these images just for this post)

1-2 Years old

http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124284d1267111611t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-2-a.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124285d1267111611t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-2-a-wire.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124286d1267111611t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-2-b.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124287d1267111611t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-2-b-wire.jpg
http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124288d1267111611t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-2-c.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124289d1267111611t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-2-c-wire.jpg

5 Years old

http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124290d1267111611t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-5-a.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124291d1267111611t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-5-a-wire.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124292d1267111666t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-5-b.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124293d1267111666t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-5-b-wire.jpg
http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124294d1267111666t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-5-c.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124295d1267111666t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-5-c-wire.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124296d1267111666t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-5-d.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124297d1267111666t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-5-d-wire.jpg

10 Years old (my favourites :D)

http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124298d1267111666t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-10-a.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124299d1267111666t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-10-a-wire.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124300d1267111718t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-10-b.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124301d1267111718t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-10-b-wire.jpg
http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124302d1267111718t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-10-c.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124303d1267111718t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-10-c-wire.jpg

15 Years old

http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124304d1267111718t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-15.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124305d1267111718t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-15-wire.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124306d1267111718t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-15-a.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124307d1267111718t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-15-a-wire.jpg
http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124308d1267111751t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-15-b.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124309d1267111751t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-15-b-wire.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124310d1267111751t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-15-c.jpg http://www.foro3d.com/attachments/124311d1267111751t-visualizacion-medica-con-blender-blenrig-15-c-wire.jpg

I have to thank Giuseppe Canino (renderdemon) for having such amazing topology references in his webpage (http://www.mixolydian.biz/). No doubt he is a master!!

Needless to say is that, even though the company that asked us to do the job doesn’t want us to publish the Blend files, all the improvements and refinements that I have made to BlenRig (specially the facial mesh deform) will be included in the next release of the rig. Moreover, the topology of these models will be the new topology of Zepam (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=138117&page=7) when I finally finish him!!

that’s pretty good, i’m surprised there aren’t any views or anything on this.

btw, any internal organs yet?

Nice work! Are we going to see the final results of the project when all the parts are complete?

Hi guys, thanks!

I really don’t know exactly what this company is going to do with these characters. I surely hope we can publish the final results :slight_smile:

the rigging machine.maybe a tutorial is on the way.hehe. fantastic job sir

Amazing work, as always. I can hardly wait to see blenrig with new topology!

Excellent work. The poses and expressions on the 1-2 year olds in particular are great.

Nice work, the figures look realistic and perfect for the setting your planning on using them in.

Excellent ! I love the their expressions .Very well done !

Excellent modeling !!!

Thanks guys!

Now I will begin trying to take BlenRig to Blender 2.5 :slight_smile:

Hey, JPBouza - I just saw this on the developer mailing list and was curious if blenrig could be accomplished using the cloth system instead of softbodies.

Hi Liquidape! Yes, I was wondering about the cloht solver too… We’ll have to give it a try :wink: