3D City - n00b

Hey guys,

I’m kinda new to 3D work - I’m in the process of creating a music video using blender to create a 3D city in which a character will ‘fly around to the music’. I’ve tried Suicidator and Blended City (Suicidator worked but Blended City script didn’t load). I found a few tuts on YouTube that show how to create your own, so I’ve decided to just start from scratch and get to know Blender properly. But my main issue is scale…how big do I make things?

My first attempt was ok, I increased the grid floor and created a mesh (that filled the grid) and subdivided it into many squares and elongated randomly to create buildings. But I then thought “Am I making these too big?? If I were to create a character and put it into the city would it be a giant or a midget??”

Would it be better to create a character first, then create the city?

Thanks, hope you can help!


Remember, you can always scale things afterwards. Make things at a scale you like.

You can then scale when you have the models together in one file.

Happy 2.5


Any object in blender can be scaled to any size, just limited by the zoom level of your 3d viewport. However you might want to use blenders grid system for the measurement. To have the grid fill your whole viewport change into orthographic mode by pressing 5 on your numpad and then into side, top or front view (3,7,1 respectively on your numpad). Then just take one field of your grid as one meter so a human would be roughly 2 fields tall and a building between 4 and 828.

Hope that helps a bit

Thanks for the quick replies!

Ok so it wont matter if the buildings are “too big” i can scale them down later. Cool. Thanks for the rough scale there JO5EF i’ll start working to that for now and see how it goes!

I just found another script called Discombobulator, but can’t find a download anywhere?


Discobombulator is an excellent fun script that is available in Blender 2.49b in standard
Edit Mode -> Mesh -> Scripts

I don’t think anyone has ported it to 2.5x for now.

If you want to be able to see everything in the view port I would suggest having a small scale, otherwise the view cuts it off sometimes.
You can zoom in very close so I don’t think it will be a problem.
also you might like to use tangent maps on your buildings for windows etc, otherwise you will get too many polys to render efficiently :smiley:

I know what Discombobulator is and does, I just can’t find a working download.

@ metalix - thanks for the Tangent Map heads up, I’ll look into that.

@ JO5EF - ye I get annoyed sometimes, that when zooming in it starts to ‘slow down’ and you can’t get any closer? what’s that about?

I’ve downloaded pictures of city grids and layouts for inspiration for designing my city. I also found this video -

(which for some reason this forum wont let me post the URL to the video??? it’s basically a character flying above the clouds, search YouTube for “[VISUALEFFECT] Flying like Superman #2.mp4” for example)

which is exactly the kind of thing I want to create. I’m using Make Human for my character (I spent ages modeling my own, then found Make Human :mad:) who I want to fly around my city. How do make my character fly like this?

Cheers guys, appreciate the help as always!

just found Terragen as well! Wow! looks like a great program for terrains,etc…i might include this as a kind of ‘lead up to’ the city

i think i can probably complete this whole project using generators. is that cheating?

Make Human
Suicidator (although I think I will do most of the city myself)