3d city sets

Hi :slight_smile:

I have been using 3d-modelling programs for around 7 years now, and moved on to Blender two years ago (before it i used Bryce mostly). I would like to thank the community for this program and the tutorials :slight_smile:

Here is my latest work, an isometrically rendered 3d model collection and arrangement of a medieval Byzantine Empire city set:

All models were made by myself, apart from the trees which i found online (hard to model good trees…). This work is being used in a strategy computer game.



I’d like to see these closer up because they look nice, but the jpg is too small.

I understand that this size is the how they would probably viewed in your strategy game, but yes…bigger pictures for this thread will get you more comments and crits.

But in this size application, they look very nice.

Thank you both :slight_smile:

Indeed this is their size in the game, which is in isometric and not in 3d environment (Civilization III).

Here is a pic from them in some mod:


Looks beautiful. Always wanted to make one of those games…

Wow, reminds me something similar to Heroes III, great job man :wink:

Nice name, Sepultura. Saw them years ago…early nineties. Great band.

Thank you both for your nice comments :smiley:

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