3d-coat Applink for blender 2.5

I have been codind Applink Script between 3d-coat and blender and now I have some results to show. This script is to help easily to transfer objects and textures between with these two programs.

You can check the info from here:


Also there is a small video here:


that’s incredible!!

I knew Blender 2.5.x would allow more flexibility, but I didn’t expect things like this so soon.

I’m off to give this a try :slight_smile:

Would be nice to transfer models to and from Sculptris.

When Blender sculpt will be done, i don’t think we will need sculptris at all :slight_smile:

awesome. :slight_smile:

Wow, that looks very impressive.

I agree with both CG_tiger AND Freemind…one would be great and the other inevitable…

Thanks everyone. This was really a nice learning curve into python and blender Api. I updated the script. This one should quite stable, but you never know. I would like to know does this script even work in others computer.

Right now this is only for Windows.

The script updated into v1.1

-Now works in win, linux and mac.


Thanks for your hard work haikalle.

P. Monk

So what all is imported/exported?

Looks like possibly

geometry + uvs + bump + spec + color ?

Another question - are similar applinks being developed for other programs? (Maya, XSI, 3DS Max, Houdini).

Hi LetterRip!

You are right. At the moment you can transfer those data types.

What I have seen in 3d-coat forum, there is at least 3dmax and XSI scripts in develop.
Nothing to download yet, but there is some promissing videos to be seen.

Script update 1.4

-Many bugs should be fixed.

Win version should be stable. In linux there is some segmentation fault problems.

wow, nice job haikalle!

Script update 1.5


-Supports multi-material
-Many bugs fixed.

Thanks a lot everyone for the supports. Feels great.

Script update 1.6

Script update 1.61

-Now 3d-coat -> Blender -> V-Ray Standalone workflow is fast.

check out this video. http://www.vimeo.com/16286846

Excellent work haikalle!

I don’t use 3D Coat currently but I have been watching it for a while. Seeing better integration with Blender and other apps is very encouraging and makes it much easier to integrate them into your workflow.

Congrats on getting it included in the latest trunk too!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone has a nice summer

I have been updating the script a little bit lately. Nothing so fancy, but just improve overall stability. Here is a list of changes:
-Normals are inverted again http://3d-coat.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/3dc_emo/smile.gif
-There should be much less sudden location changes when pressing import/export button.
-3D-coat -> Blender workflow works again. But now it works differently. When you have exported mesh from 3d-coat. unselected all in blender (a-key).
Now you should see button called “Bring from 3D-Coat”. After you have pressed it. the script should bring the mesh into blender. Hope it works.
-Now you can multiselect objects and press import button and it will update all selected objects.

I updated the newest script into SVN this morning.