3D-Coat Applink for Blender 2.8

I have made applink to work with blender 2.79. You need this custom build of blender to make it work. Applink multiply uv-set dosen’t work with the Official blender 2.79 build.
I made this because in the future I want to make applink support with v-ray and they haven’t yet updated their addon into 2.8. Here is a link where you can download it to play with. It’s only works with cycle and cycle
nodes. So If you want to have it go with this make sure that first thing you do when you start new project is to set your render engine to cycles.

I’m not going to update this build so often than I do with the 2.8 because this build is mainly just for me for testing…


I’m planning to remove settings “Create Extra Nodes” and “Goup Nodes”. Creating applink group node with extra settings seams that it is always the best way to go. If there is someone who is against
this change please let me know of that.

Early tests with V-Ray support ( works only in 2.79)

Hey man!
Thanks for hard work!

I was wondering if there’s any chance of adding key-bind feature?


Sorry for the late reply. Yes I think it’s possible. I will take look at this right now…

Hi Kalle,

Thanks a lot of the great work, I am hoping to use this addon for my projects.

Where can I download the latest version of the addon? Could you maybe upload to github so I can follow it there?

Thanks again,

Hi @morsomt !

Maybe the best way right now is to check this page for applink updates:


and then just download the the latest blender 2.8 beta version. It’s good idea to upload to github I will do it very shortly. Here are some new updates I have done this week:

  • Now dynamic menu is back. Press SHIFT + Q to activate it.
  • If you bring meshes from 3D-Coat, applink will create automaticly collection and place those new mesh inside of it.

I just committed these so next beta release will include these updates.

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New tutorial video showing 3D-Coat -> Blender workflow. Check it out.


Nice video, are you currently producing the next one since I cant find it on YouTube? Basically I am looking for a Blender -> 3D coat -> paint -> Back to Blender, and repeat. Which I believe he described was coming in the next video? :slight_smile:

@morsomt Actually that video is not made by me. Don Nash is the creator of that video. He has helped me a lot to improve the applink. I know that he has plans to make more videos about 3d-coat/blender applink but they are not ready yet.

I just committed couple fixes into applink. Now objects dimensions match better with blender in 3d-coat.