3D-Coat Applink for Blender 2.8

Could you test one more time with 4.9.05. That’s the version I have.

I´ll have the results in 5 minutes

IT´S MAGIC!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Button there, scales perfectly, thank you a ton!

Since I use this a lot, I will most likely figure out if something is still off and I will keep you posted, but for now, it works perfectly!

Cheers mate, you just made my day! (and it´s only 7:30 in the morning over here) :sunglasses:

Nice to hear :slight_smile: One warning thou. Now it’s working only if you bring one retopo mesh back. I will let you know when you can bring many retopogroups with one click.

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Good to know thanks!
I just tested Send with MeshasVoxelObject out of curiosity. That still has a scaling issue (also 0.01) and it also rotates the mesh 90 degrees on the Blender Z axis (so Suzanne now faces towards her original left ear). The BringVoxelsBacktoApp button works perfectly tho.

The addon updated again. Now multi RetopoGroups supported when using “Reference mesh” workflow. Also I improved a little bit voxel mesh workflow. That needs some more work still. Here is a quick video about using REFERENCE MESH mode:

Changes should be in the next blender daily release, but you can download it here now too.

io_coat3D.zip (43.1 KB)


Just wanting to say thanks for your efforts to keep this addon evolving.


This update is great, thanks a bunch! (especially for retopo).
With Mesh as VoxelObject the orientation is also fixed, but the scale is now more than 100 times the original, seems to be not a round number (it imports huge now) :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for your feedback. I will add VoxelObject into my todo list :slight_smile:


Could you test this version when you have time. Is VoxelMesh scale any better?

io_coat3D.zip (18.8 KB)


Perfection! Everything works as it should so far :tada: :sunglasses:
I guess I have no excuse anymore to not use the great tools in the voxelroom and instead try and do everything inside of Blender :nerd_face:
U = HERO, thanks again!

If at any point I can help you test anything you´re working on and you need a third party to test, just let me know!



finally,it is work perfect for retoplogy. thank you so much.man.

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Does anybody know if there’s a way to export multiple vertex color layers from 3D Coat to Blender?

I figured out how to do this manually but it would be nice to be able to automate it. After doing my PBR painting on a voxel object in 3D coat, I used the Layers > Copy Channels command to separate the Metalness and Glossiness channels into the Luminosity channel of some additional layers I created. These layers can be turned on and then the model can be exported with those vertex colors only. Then in Blender, it’s possible to copy vertex colors from one object to another and even stack the vertex color layers. This can be done with the Data Transfer Modifier using the VCol under Face Corner Data, and choosing from and to which layer to copy.

@haikalle Do you think a scripted workflow like this could be added to 3D Coat Applink? It would then be possible to use the different vertex color layers to set up a PBR material in Blender. Thanks!

I think that this workflow is a little too hacky to make a script for this. For me the best thing could be that we could change layer type into -> Vertex color in 3d-coat and then export multiply vertex color maps with one fbx file. Then It would be easy to add this feature into 3d-coat applink.

Please let me know where the URL for the addon is. Thank you. I use 3dcoat for some things texturing. (normal mapping painting)

it comes with blender :slight_smile:

Awesome! so the addon works now? I´ve been using it since 2.79.

Yes. All the main features should work now. I don’t have so much time at the moment because I went back to school but if there is some bugs/feature request please write them down here and I take a look when I have time.

Now if you want to take a mesh from blender into 3d-coat to do some manually retopo, that should be more fluent workflow what it used to be in the latest applink version.

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I upgraded to the latest stable 3D Coat 4.9.17 and Blender 2.81a stable release. The retopo workflow is still perfect and suuuupersmooth :sunglasses:, but exporting “Mesh As Voxel Object” from Blender for a little Sculpt-magic in 3DCoat results in a tiny mesh when bringing the results back to Blender via File/BringVoxelsBackToApp . :flushed: