3D-Coat as a companion to Blender

I found this in my personal 3DC notes. Maybe it’s of use:

Use the 3DCoat Applink to exchange between 3DC and Blender:

There’s a version that ships with Blender and a fork by Mifth:

To match Blender’s meter scale, change the Preferences ➔ Viewport ➔ Fixed Scene Scale to 100, and set MeasureUnits to Meters. Beware though: this can cause very dense primitives in 3D Coat.

Press Export in Blender to send the mesh to 3D Coat.

Once you’ve worked on the model in 3D Coat, choose File ➔ Bring Voxels Back To App, then in Blender press Import.

Alternatively, you can use File ➔ Export Voxel Mesh To ➔ Blender.

There’s also a Blender Artists thread dedicated to the 3D-Coat App Link: