3D-Coat as a companion to Blender

I just :heart: the Spline along curves functionality in 3DC. It’s like ZBrush Insert Mesh Curve brushes, but more controllable.


Yes I saw this, also he said:

The Pixologic Discord is FULL of Blender Users since the whole Maxon Announcement. they want nothing more than to destroy Zbrush in every aspect, cause they think of Zbrush dies, suddenly Blender Sculpting will “Get Good” somehow. anytime anyone even MENTIONS Maxon or Zbrush in there, someone (Usually 3 or 4 people) will pipe up with “BLENDER IS FREEEEEEEE!!” like that makes a difference to anyone who wants to use a Quality product for their job lol.
…id rather hit the high seas than use Blender for Sculpting. absolutely TERRIBLE.

Is it necessary to start an app vs app war ? I don’t think so, each one has its pros and cons, we use the ones that best suits our creativity. Workflow is the key.

As he said later: Well, im currently buying 3DCoat, cause i figure its just one more tool in my belt. even if i don’t use it for anything but Retopology, but i don’t see it being better, or even nearly as good as Zbrush, sorry but just my opinion. id rather keep my 2022 license till something MASSIVLY better comes along, than downgrade to sculpting with 3DCoat for no reason. i mean, i got everything i need in 2022 anyway.


I didn’t agree with everything he said or I would’ve clearly stated so. Maybe the current workflow IS actually better, but nevertheless I couldn’t really figure it out as easily and I used 3D Coat before ZB. I think you might have read and heard lots of users “not really getting it” over the years. Like I said a few posts ago, I think Pilgway goes in the right direction now.

It’s not about app vs app for me, I just want to continue my work and finally got to the point where I can make my clients happy with good quality sculpts in a specific time frame, but in ZBrush. We’ll see. Been sculpting all day in 3D Coat and it’s great. Just trying to find my way through it.


this is a very valid point. I basically did the same after Softimage died (2015).

Kept using it until 2019 - until Houdini provided more pros than cons compared to it. Still miss it, but i also fell in love with Houdini.

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That’s absolutely an option, although knowing both 3D-Coat and ZBrush very well, I wouldn’t call 3D-Coat a downgrade from ZBrush. Sure, ZBrush has some advantages in the high-detail sculpting area, but 3DC has a number of advantages over ZB as well, for example: PBR texture painting, great manual retopo tools, the ability to integrate Renderman, and more.

People that used some software for years and mastering it, will always talk in defavorable way of other software.
Nothing new about the internet flamewars :joy:

Perhaps there is more users leaving Zbrush, but maxon is aiming for companies that will be ok with price.
For individuals 3D artists doing high resolution work, they clearly don’t want any compromises or work around, they will have no choice to pay Maxon for Zbrush ( until another software would handle as smoothly high density meshes and get many of some great features it has).

And you can anytime edit position and size of individual points using those intuitive spheres gizmos :+1:
This is one feature among others where 3D coat do better than all other apps.

Easy fast export mesh as item for kitbash library in one click
This is such things i qualify about 3D artists fast intuitive workflow.

Don’t forget the “To global space”, it’s like remesh, when you deform surface polygons or voxels does not stay uniform, using brushes will not behave so well until you use this feature.

Anyway have fun with 3D coat.


Yeah. I usually use ‘To Uniform Space’. What’s the difference between that and ‘To Global Space’ ? Local vs. Global orientation perhaps?

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Global is better when you work with Symmetry, while not sure about the difference between two modes.

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