3D computer graphics in the Khan Academy

I’m not sure how many people may have come across the Khan Academy online. It’s an online library of materials dedicated to qualifying as quality resources for learning. (the level of quality that one would find at secondary school and beyond). All materials are held under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license and cover a several subjects including mathematics, finances, sciences, and some history, but the site is still relatively new.

There have been requests from Salman Khan (the creator, currently all materials are made by him) for other content on topics which he does not have the time to learn.

The purpose of this post is for a request for anyone who might be willing to aid in the creation of open-source (CC-BY-SA) materials on the theory behind 3D computer graphics, which could be included in the library. The materials would not be Blender specific, but more about the general theory behind concepts of CG. (Raytracing, Render Pipelines, Physics Simulation, Color Spaces, Image Compression, Composition, etc.)

I probably wouldn’t be the best candidate to manage the creation of such materials, for I haven’t ever even taken a single school class on computer graphics. (Hooray for community-based education! :wink: ) So far it’s just an idea I’m tossing out specifically into the Blender community because both projects are all about FOSS.

What does the community think?


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