3D computer lab

This is a slightly older scene, but I’m digging it back up with the intent of improving it. So pour on the critique, I need ways to make it better.

(Click image for hi-res)

it looks nice but if you don’t specify the context its difficult to critique, if its for your own personal amusement then anything goes I suppose.

I’ve done a little paintover of some suggestions for you. I hope it helps you somewhat.

Link #1: http://cocaman.ch/wp/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/24-preview-offices.png

You might also try adding a few geeky things on the surface. Maybe some controller for the maze on screen (something like the thing on left here; http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod/x65f.html ) and/or some communications devices like ear pieces.

If you don’t know how to do something, just ask around!

you might also remove the wall behind and some sort of armature that holds the screens up. You could also spruce up the chair a bit with some widgets and gadgets. You should also think about the use of such a console. It looks like it’s some kind of mainframe interface or something. This will help you create a scene for the workstation. I’m thinking rows and rows of servers or something (think Tron: Legacy, in the Encom server room).

It came from the Hackers movie in 1995. It’s the Gibson(which is where I think Tron got the idea.) The screens hold my screensaver recreation and some of the code I used in the screensaver. The link for that is here if you’re curious: http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=42787&p=242807&hilit=gibson#p242807

@radialronnie Thank you very much, everything you pointed out will probably improve the final scene. Although it was merely the lack of proper lighting that made the concrete floor which I already had quite invisible. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is actually supposed to be the protagonists computer lab for the beginning of a movie I’ve been working on. I think it makes good concept but it still needs a lot of work to be convincing and engaging. Please keep critiquing and I’ll post new screenshots as the scene develops.

Maybe I should have posted this in W.I.P, but I needed the critique basly.

Gotcha. Perhaps then a server room wouldn’t work so well :wink:

Pretty cool, I would critique a few things. The textures you are using for the screens: try adding variety. Plus, the aspect ratio on the one for the center is compromised between the two screens. I also can’t tell if the screens are floating on the wall or held there by some magical force. :wink: Another thing is that I mostly see screen wrap around a desk not just stick straight on a wall like that (mainly opinion though; totally optional). Screens need to be a little brighter (Its the nature of computer screens. Also keep in mind that even computer screens have secular even when turned on. Keep up the good work!

There’s still more to be done, but just thought I’d post a little update:

(click image for hi-res)


Started adding lights and such on the wall, added a little glow to the screens and the area’s surrounding them, added brackets on the wall behind screens and positioned lights to have them cast shadows(which need improved), changed keypad, removed unfinished box and replaced it with a headset, redid lighting completely, and changed the room into a cube.

Here is yet another update, in which I start to give the scene more expression.

(click for hires)

I added some volumetric lighting, pipes on the ceiling, and a fifth screen. I mixed it up a little bit with the screen images. The image for the top center screen is just something I threw together so that it wouldn’t be blank. I also got into some materials, although for the walls I ended up just sticking on some tweaked difference clouds because I don’t have any idea’s for what else to do yet.

Ideas and criticisms will be quite welcome.