3D Connexion CADMouse

Hi All,

Blender tinkerer here, ready to get back to it and get to grips with it. I have just invested in a CADMouse (three button mouse) for my other CAD software and I love it. However in Blender it doesn’t work. The MMB and the scroll wheel button doesn’t work.

I click emulate 3 button mouse and then the MMB and Scroll button work, but strafing now doesn’t (shift-mmb). This mouse wasn’t cheap so I want to use it and works perfectly with my other CAD software but with Blender (Mac version). At the moment I am using an awfully small laptop mouse :frowning: HELPP!!

Any tips? Thank you all in advanced :slight_smile:


Ok so by process of elimination its remapped the keystroke to alt+shift. So its a bit more cumbersome but I can get on. If anyone knows how to not emulate three button mouse and get ti to work let me know.

Thanks :slight_smile: