3d Connexion Space Mouse

Morning Folks. Just got the 3d Connexions wireless set (includes the CAD Mouse). On my MAC Pro (latest OS) the Spacemouse works just fine mostly in Blender 2.79 and I really like it.

However, on my main WINDOWS-10 machine, I cannot get the 3d MOUSE PROPERTIES CONTEXT MENU to pop up using the LEFT BUTTON on the space mouse as it does on the MAC. Because of this, all the AXIS of the space mouse are reversed: UP is DOWN, LEFT is RIGHT, ROTATE COUNTER CLOCK is ROTATE CLOCK WISE.

I’ve read a number of posts here and followed many of the instructions meant to make the spacemouse work in Blender but none of them work.

So questions:
Why does the 3d Mouse Context menu work in the Apple OS but not in Windows-10?
How do I get it to work in Windows 10?
Neither of the buttons on the spacemouse work in Windows but work just fine on the MAC. Why?

Any, all help and suggestions are appreciated.