3d conversion

3D Conversion Artist We have a collection of 3D models - we need your help cleaning them up and converting them to a rendering of a final 2d scene (s)

Attention to detail is paramount
All work is strictly confidential and cannot be used elsewhere or posted online.
Send a sample of your work and your rate of pay.

Hello Lyndons,

Well I might be interested in this job, but I’d like to have a bit more information about the project first. You mention that you have a collection of 3d models, where are they from? (mainly I ask because some people rip models out of video games which is a big no no) Also, what is the theme of the project? You don’t have to be overly specific, but some general information can help people decide if they are interested in taking on the project. How many models do you need worked on? How much improvement do the models require? Just some fine tuning or major rework and re-texturing? What rendering engine do you plan to use to produce your final scene Blender Internal, Cycles, or something else? How complete is your scene with these models finished? Are they all the major elements, or is there significant modeling to be done to create the scene in which these models will be displayed?

What program are they originally from? How much retouching do they need is it just a triangles to quads kind of thing or a full retexturing? I too could be interested if a more details are given.

Also interested and also want details.

I am also interested, but I have to join others with request for more info.

One of my work in 3D

same animation in 2D

pm me if you like