3D curser

“Place the 3D cursor on the tip of the centre of the propeller in the top and front views (red and white circle in the image above). Then move the background image of the side view to align the tip of its propeller with the 3D cursor. This ensures that all 3D views are aligned in 3D space so when you start modelling objects it should align with the blueprints.”

The above is an excerpt from the Nieuport 11 tutorial.

I have accomplished 2 out of the 3, 3D cursor positions. The last, moving the side view background image is being difficult. If I do as stated in tutorial, the side view gets moved past the edge of window, cutting off tail of plane. I just cannot get the side view centered in window, with the 3D cursor at propellor nose. How do I get independant movement from cursor? or how can I fix it so I do not cut off tail.

Please, total noob, way out of my depth, but I am gonna learn this. Be kind. I have no formal education or background in 3D modeling.

Not sure what you mean by cut off by the window. Can you pan or zoom to see it? (Mouse Scroll zooms, Shift+Middle Mouse Button pans).

Shift+Middle Mouse Button pans

Its quite possible that this is the answer. I have a 2 button mouse with a center scrolling wheel. I can zoom but what are the available methods to pan with.
I have zero formal education with this stuff, so my questions will appear super stupid to one who has a education in this.
But none the less I will ask.

You spurred my brain and I now have the answer I required.


pans left and right for me.
TY mucho. Stupid question gets me the answer. Must walk before I can run.

Now I need to understand if I scaled all the background images properly.
I referenced a blueprint that had a TOP, Front, Side view of aircraft. I grayscaled it with GIMP. Then tightly cropped the 3 views, then matched the pixel counts. It appears that all 3 ortho views in blender line up properly. I have much skill as a draftsman, so my 4 split screen views are laid out as following.
Top left window is top view, bottom left window is front view, bottom right window is left side view, and top right window is the 3 view. Basic standard ortho drawing layout as a draftsman.
Using the Nieuport 11 tutorial as a reference, plus multiple other references to get me going. Foreheads a little flat now.