3D cursor idea - snap to surface

Hey all,

after reading a thread about new suggestions for blender, i thought of an idea (not sure if this is possible), the 3D cursor in blender is a vital tool (I personally think this), although when left clicking it can be a little random as where it is placed in the scene.

Then i thought, why not have the option to turn on/ off “snapping” for the 3D cursor, for example you could have options to snap it to a grid automatically, to an objects surface, to vertice (this would be in the header option, or it could be in the N properties.)

I know you can snap the cursor to faces and vertices already, but you need to firstly select the item/ objects and then go through a menu, i think it would speed up workflow if the user had a list of options to control how the 3D cursor acts in the viewport.

some of this is already implemented, i guess. when you activate cloning for projection-painting, you can ctrl-click on the surface and the cursor will snap to the surface. shouldn’t be too hard to transfer that to the normal behaviour of 3d-cursor. but of course, i’m no developer so i have no idea…
but i like your idea. improving the 3d-cursor would be a nice thing to have…

I have been saying this exact thing over and over.
but as “Nowherebrain”

Agreed for being able to turning the snapping on and off. As well as being able to adjust visibility on/off and choose the way it look (skinning) with adjustable alpha transparency. Also it would be useful having the option to save 3D cursor positions for repetitive modeling tasks, perhaps through python but in a easy right-click-save position type of approach. In addition to this an easy way to freeze its position while it still is being active.

I just use this script,
3d Cursor Menu
It works very well as a right click, snap & other cursor tools.