3D Cursor Positioning?

I know that ‘Shift C’ places the cursor at the center of the edit window and the 'C" Centers the eye on the cursor.

Now my question.

What other controls are there in positioning the 3D Cursor?

  • Is there a way to directly input the coordinates for the cursor
  • Is there a way to move the cursor to a vert location or the center of two selected verts.

Any new cursor controls for 2.41 would also be good to know?

Snapping to position or grid movement of the 3D cursor itself.

Any help appreciated.



theres a lot to do depending on where you are and what mode

shift S - should bring up something with cusor (namely snapping etc…)

As for directly inputting coordinates or i think you mean positioning.

Have you tried the

N key? :slight_smile:

Have you tried the

N key?

The N-Key is linked to Objects only. The 3D Cursor can be set numerically thru the View >> View Properties tab.