3d cursor problems

Basicaly the problem I have is where ever i place my 3d cursor while having a mesh selected the meshes 3D transform manipulator(the thing with the red, green, and blue arrows) goes right to the 3d cursor. This makes modeling very hard.

What did I do to do this and how can I turn it back to normal!:confused:

Thank you

Just left of the Hand icon is the Pivot menu, you have the 3D Cursor as pivit. Or you can hit comma on the Keyboard to change it to Bounding box.


Thank you so much that fixed it. But now I have another problem. Sence I used that pivot options for alot of modeling som models ‘center points’(the little pink dot) are screwed up and out of place. Basicaly now when I select and item the 3D transform manipulator sits on top of the pink dot which should be in the middle of the mesh but its off to the side of the mesh. So if i rotate or scale it it scales and rotates aroudn that pink dot.

Is there any way to put the mid points back in the middle of the mesh?

Select all the vertices belonging to the mesh and press F9.

In the F9 menus, look for a button called “Center” and press that, that should find the center of mass for all your vertices selected and move them to the pink dot.

Thank you guys so much for the quick respones. Everything is fixed now and I can continue on my project!