3D cursor snapping to geometry

I have been unable to find a way to avoid this. For example, if I have a sphere and I want to manually position the cursor in the center (and it’s a dense mesh) I can position it using 2 orthographic views, at least in theory. But when I attempt to do this I click on the center, say, in the top view, and then change to the front view and position the cursor there, when I return to the top view the cursor has repositioned itself along the surface of the mesh where I clicked in the front view. Is there anyway to stop the cursor from snapping to geometry that just happens to be in it the way? (I know I can set the cursor to the center of a mesh with Shift+S).

I usually select two opposite elements (verts, faces or edges), or loop if that is undistorted and coincides with centre, and Shift-S, Cursor to selected. No brainer and precise.

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Thanks, but not as precise as actually being able to put it where I’d like it to go. Especially if you’re talking about a mesh that is a complex shape. I realize there’s lots of ways to position the cursor, but in the name of speed actually being able to click where I want it to go is a heck of a lot faster.

I could think of 3 ways to position 3d cursor: mouse left-click, Shift-S menu and N-panel manual set coords, not a one brings to some other coord change or not expected sliding/sticking while nothing’s being selected/moved. Something broken?

In User Preferences > Interface disable the option Auto Depth

This should fix your problem -proxe

Thanks guys! Thanks proxe! That did the trick! Who knew that controlled cursor depth as well… I mean, other than you :slight_smile: