3d cursor staying on mesh surface

I have been wanting to scale to the 3d cursor in the center of a mirrored mesh at the cheek line but suddenly I cannot put the cursor inside the mesh, it merely stops on the surface. I’ve never had this problem and I really don’t want to have to redo my interface and append all my models and my rig to the new file. I have a feeling that it is something silly that popped up to wave a jaunty hand at me. Please help.

How are you trying to position the curser, by clicking on the interface or selecting and Shift+S
Attach a blend file that demonstrates your problem.

clicking in the 3d window shift+s cursor to selected works fine, it’s just when I click the window when it simply glues itself to the mesh, for lack of better term. I deleted the meshes and rigging I was working on and made a basic sphere. Oh yeah, despite the pivot center being the cursor it makes no difference, I was scaling the hips a little bit


3d cursor problem.zip (90 KB)

Check if you have Auto Depth enabled in User Preference -> Interface. This makes the cursor stick on surfaces

oh! how silly of me, that was it. Thank you! I must have checked it without realizing it.

Thx for solving this iritating behavior :slight_smile:
I never thought that AutoDepth would affect the 3D cursor’s positioning.
Unfortunately there is no short cut to toggle (or switch) this property … or am I wrong?