3d cursor

(cohort) #1

I’m working on modeling an existing vehicle that I happen to have a full set of coordinates for the body surface provided from the manufacturer…

My question is how I can place the 3d cursor in side view to a specific value for z so that when I’m working in front view, I only have to reassign values to x and y for each of the dozen vertices that defines a section template?

(cohort) #2

In fact, once I get finished with the points for a template at a station, I Ctrl-Lclick a new vertex into rough position and use the NKEY number menu to select the fixed location of the coresponding point on the next template back.

Is there a simple way of moving the 3d cursor to the currently selected vertex? (of course, this is in Edit Mode)

(Ecks) #3

If I understand correctly do this: in edit mode select the verticle where you want the 3d cursur than press shift+s and select cur–>sel thsi will tell the cursor to go at the selection coordination. I hope yo mean that!

(rwenzlaff) #4

You could probably learn python and write a script to read them in from a file and do this in less time than entering then by hand, though…


(cohort) #5

I see you are assuming I already have them in a file… Which is not the case.

(cohort) #6

Checked it, and yes, in fact, Shift+SKEY then Cur->Sel does in fact do exactly what I wanted to do, thank you.