3D CuserWont Stay Put

I just recently started using 2.57b and am having issues with the 3D curser. I use it as a pivot point when modeling. To center it where I want it ill switch out of perspective view, place curser in front view, then side and top. But now when I try to do this it wont stay where I placed it. It moves toward my view so I notice after I change views how far it moved. I wonder if this is a new bug

[EDIT]: Blender 2.57b (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit) Professional

Just tried and didn’t see any problems on my end. Technically you only need two views to place the cursor where you want in 3 dimensional space such as the XY and YZ planes which include all 3 spatial relationships. Weird things happen with graphics card drivers though, but this may not be the issue. It could also be the build you are using.

Reset to factory settings?
I did this and it worked for me. I beleive you go to ‘User Preferences’ --> then look for it.

I would look for you, but I am at college at the moment. :mad:

EDIT: Just go to File > Factory Settings.