3D design materials


Can someone explain how I would achieve this look:

In particular, I am trying to achieve the outline effect.


apart of the color this looks like clay rendering

see wiki pages on how to set this

mind you we included a clay render set up 'in the sript we are working for light set up wizard
but be carefull before using it !

always save your file to a new file name before using it!
cause it will cahnge all your materials in your files to get a specific material for clay render!

after material changes you can render in blender or other rendered like yafafay ect.!

Interesting but I should have said that I am rocking 2.49 and from what I gather the clay render py script is only for 2.5x.

well right for 2.5

but we did a script for this clay thing
which is very easy to use in 2.5

so should not be that difficult to do!

have fun with clay!

As much as I would love to start using 2.5, it is not stable on my PPC mac. :frowning:

forget 2.5

there is now 2.7 which is a lot more stable then before and out of the alpha phase!

i’v been using it since last summer and never had any crash with it so you can use it to render only if you want !

have fun with 2.7