3D developer wanted - Australia

Hey guys,

I’m currently employed by a firm that specialises in 3D modelling for the construction industry. Recently, however, they branched out into making animations of projects as well. I was employed because of my experience in 3D. I have brought Blender to the company, and they love it because its free, powerful, and our clients love the work we are producing.

Now, however, we realise the need to expand our personel, as the workload is becoming too much for just the one animator.

We are looking to recruit another modeller/animator on a full time basis. We are based in Launceston, Tasmania, and if employed, you would be trained in a variety of software including Thermal modelling, 3D construction modelling, and drafting. Blender experience is a must.

This is just a feeler to see if anyone is interested, so please, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Zac Duff

if I lived anywhere within a thousand miles from there then yes but I don’t, but I wish.

Lol, get yourself within a thousand then haha.

But seriously, this is a serious position within a real company.


the website is under construction, but you can see a short animation showcasing some earlier work.


dang, as perfect as I am for location, I’m not really looking for a full time job right now :mad:

yeah? Are you sure your not? Its a career… good money, great computers, excellent work environment (beer anyone??), and with only 8 people on the books, its a small and efficient team.

How difficult to get a work visa??


well, i imagine its quite a process.

The job isnt a contract, its a full time position, and, when i started, they expressed their desire for me to stay with that company for at least 5 years. They arent interested in a high personell turnover.

If you are interested, show me some of yoour work. I was asked to find another animator who can use blender so I thought here might be a good place to start:)


Hey, Im not so far (Victoria, Melb), but alredy working with blender fulltime.

But Ill see if anyone I know would be interested.

Thanks for the help mate.

I need a drastic change in life, so it’s something I’d definitely consider.

I have the necessary experience, but I’d really need to see the kind of work you guys produce before making any sort of decision. There are a lot of amateurs posing as serious CG artists, so it’s something of a minefield. In the past I’ve worked with numerous companies that haven’t a clue where they are headed, and it’s a painful experience.

I live in England by the way, and would happily leave this cold, miserable isle. :wink:

Psst - Tasmania’s a cold miserable isle, too!

:slight_smile: Hehe, nah, I thought it was pretty nice when I was travelling there briefly, although quiet. But it is cold!

It can get cold in the winter yer haha BUT it is a great place here in the summer.

I’ve got some samples of stuff we have done so far. www.zeehanzinc.com (go to media gallery>>presentation video) that was our first 3D foray, and as we only had 3 weeks, and clients with a very vague idea of what they wanted, it came out rather nicely.

Currently, we are working on an animation for an airport that requires about 40 animated people, and fairly realistic visuals.

Also, we have a small demo-reel(quick job) on www.cma3d.com on the sample page.

We are a relatively new company, but are incorparated with a well established engineering firm, and the boss here at CMA has 20 years experience in the field of construction engineering/modelling.

I’ll see what other samples I cant rustle up too.


heya greenlig,

I’ve sent you an email regarding this post.


Thanks for your replies guys.

We have decided on a course of action, but I thank you all for the interest!!