3D Dream Animated Movie "Infinity"

I finished this film a while ago but I never got any real feedback from other blender artists. Please tell me what you guys think of it, good or bad.

though the modeling and texturing could use a bit of work, overall it was good. respect for completing an entire short film on your own. longest I have ever made was about 2-3 mins, and it took me about 3 months to make.

this did take me about 3-4 months. but i didn’t use any ray tracing shadows or anything that would slow down the renders too much. but thanks a lot man, i’d like to see some of ur animations.

Interesting. The simple animation style is fine for evoking dream sequences and Kevin Macleod’s music has been very nicely edited to fit the imagery. I think the opening scenes need working on though, the house on the grass presumably isn’t part of the dream and needs to have more realism to demonstrate that the story is transitioning into a dream sequence.

The topology of the characters needs work as well. The Roman Numeral for the number four is IV. The story actually confuses me. Yeah, most dreams doesn’t make any sense, but I can 't figure out what this story is all about. The different scenes threw off my senses of the storyline is all about and I can’t make heads or tails of it.

Actually if u check most roman numeral clocks, they use IIII. I did do some research before making it lol thanks for the input tho, i agree with ur advice.

I agree with Modron, props for finishing a complete short film. Sticking it out and bringing your vision to bear is an accomplishment. I also agree that a little work on the texturing could have gone a LONG way towards making the objects in the dream sequences more tactile.

The extremely abstract nature of the dream made for a long viewing, I think it could have even been edited down a little bit, made tighter, and the finished product would resonate even more. It works as is, but I think this is one of those rare circumstances of “addition by subtraction”.

I’m not following what the subway car/train’s function is though, aside from transportation. The way it’s presented makes it appear to have significant meaning to the guy, but I wasn’t able to grasp what that might be. I could have just missed it, if so please fill me in, as I’m curious.

Overall, good work!