3d effect in ww 2 photographs


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In the television series Soviet Storm: ww2 in the east on History Channel photographs of ww 2 get some kind of ‘3d depth’. Does anyone know how this is achieved and can this be done with Blender.

Yep, it’s called camera mapping and you can learn how to do it here.
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It has nothing to do with camera mapping. It’s 3d photography.


I watched a documentary on it just a few weeks back. It was an ingenious idea that gave them a lot more information that traditional photography would have. I’ll see if I can find it for you, but there is an article about it here, including a video that shows how it was done:

It’s called stereoscopy here is the wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereoscopy

You could simulate it with less elaborate camera mapping as detailed above (projecting photos onto a distorted plane for example).

Oh sorry about that, I thought he meant camera mapping.

I think he did mean camera mapping! But Blender can’t really produce stereo (not easily yet) so i assumed it was a depth representation as you outlined.

Here’s the show you were talking about…

3D Spies of WWII

There’s a link to watch the program.

Steve S

I am certain he talks about the fancy but simple parallax effect achievable with gimp and Blender for instance, similar to multiple matte paintings.

You cut out objects for various “depth-layers”
You either heal the background where you cut it out, or simply scale the objects slightly bigger ont the depth-layers to allow movement and cover the original objects.
You choose the layers as images on planes, with an perspective camera and move the layers with different speeds according to the parallax of the camera movement.

This is a perfect example.
Those are all still images edited:

In AE it’s done with the puppet tool for instance:

Easy to see it’s more less a 2d mesh with animatable vertices. You can do the same in Blender, although it requires some manual labor.

Yeah, I got the impression that’s what the OP was referring to. You see it a lot in documentaries about the Civil War, because there’s no movies from that period and that technique gives a little motion.

Steve S

I even made a tutorial for uv distortion using hooks. Check out my YouTube Chanel in the sig below.

Thanks everybody for their ideas. The WWF footage from the link supplied by arexma is what I mean. When I want to learn more about this are their certain keywords I should use for more tutorials. And for the other idea I have also seen the documentary with 3d pictures from the documentary about WW2 with the V1 test site at Peenemunde and the strange ski shaped V2 sites in France. These are early stereoscophic images from RAF intelllegence. Good documentary if you are interested in WW2 history.