3D Enviroment Artist

Interested Artist send your emails to: [email protected] Subject: (3D Enviroment Artist)

Job Description
We at Nami Tentou Mushi are looking for an enviroment artist to work with our team in creating an base enviroment(Essential walls and floors) without set dressing for our project. The style of the game is stylistic hand painted yet realistic. Kind of similar to Makoto shinkai or Mamoru Hosoda level of detail. This is a paid gig, but we’re a small indie team so our budget it alittle limited, but there is the potential for more work and better paid in the future.


•Model in-game environments based images and with direction given.

•Encapsulate enviroment feeling through lighting and texturing.

•Understanding of Texel optimization and Modular Enviroment Creation.

•Knowledge of Level Design within unity.


•Modeling in whatever application you want as long as it works within unity 5. (Maya, Max, Modo, Blender, etc)


•Dynamic Lighting

We look forward to hearing from you!

Interested artist should send their Portfolio to: [email protected] with subject “3D Environment Artist”.

I’ve sent the e-mail, thanks for the opportunity!

I work on Scenes And Maps using Unity And is able to work atm.

pm me on discord if u accept - -Devil#0111

I have sent you an email and a PM too, please take a look.