3D Environment Artist for Mobile Game

Hi, i am looking for an 3D Environment Artist for a mobile game project on a freelance basis. First i would like to do a test run with a small office scene. If that works out good, more work will follow.

About the Scene:
Realistic proportions and stylized texture work to lean into a comic book direction (see reference images below). Think of „The Wolf Among Us“ or „The Walking Dead“ without mesh outlines. You should stay below 200k triangles for the whole scene. There is no concept art so you should be able to work just with moodboards, references and blockouts.

The scene should also contain a few assets as independent objects:

  • Office chair
  • Desk
  • PC
  • Table
  • Couch

About the Tech:
The project is a mobile game created in Unity2019 and uses the Lightweight Render Pipeline with baked lightning only. Experience with Unity would be a plus - but it is not nessesary.

A blockout will be delivered as a .blend or .fbx to give you a rough guidance on how the scene should look. It is roughly 20m x 20m in size.

If you are interested please send an email to „application AT magicsandbox DOT net“ with the following information.

  • Portfolio or a link to any of your work.
  • An estimate on how long you think you will need to finish that scene.
  • Your hourly/daily rate or if you prefer, your estimate on how much the whole scene will cost.

Proper English or German is a must have.

Hi, i will leave a link to my sketchfab profile:

Also the link to a model i made to show what i can do in this comicbook style:


Finally and image of the model:

Is a simple model and i think that’s the style you’re looking for.

Hope you like my work.

hi. portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/nightsleep

hello, I’m capable of doing this job. Here is my link: bumblebee.artstation.com

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