3d environment modeller and 3d artsist needed to create a huge Island


WORK: This work is for free, no payments. You do it for fun, for training and maybe who knows if it all works out for money and glory. The idea of the game is that I designed it as a first/starter type of game. That means we tried to make an idea of a game that would take the least amount of team members needed. The completion of this project could provide you with a porfolio that could be great for you. A creation of a whole Island for show off of your skills.

GAME: I’m currently gathering a team that would work on an idea of a first person view adventure using http://www.visual3d.net/ engine. The game requires teh player to follow the clues and puzzles to the treasure. The game is non combat. We intend to make high quality graphics. (If you want to know more please contact me on: tvvladimir-yahoo-com or by skype: tvvladimir)


  1. Currently we require ENVIRONMENT MODELLING, thus creating the island. The landscape isn’t the problem as the engine will allow inside terrain modelling. The problem is making the caves and all the rest to it to make it as adventurous as possible and at teh same time as low on memory as possible! We need this kind of work for now: http://static3.filefront.com/images/personal/t/tvvladimir/127827/xfzaspxxax.jpg (The picture is an example from Crysis engine editor but I wanted to give a proper illustration, hope this helps.
  2. We need a 3d artist. Models needed to produce I can think of now: pirate ship, pirate accessories: chest,skeletons, treasure and so on; native tribe models: people, huts; island items: statues, doors, mechanisms, traps.

ENGINE WE USE: We use Virtual 3d Engine: http://www.visual3d.net/. It is in Beta yet but we are pretty sure it should be one of best engines once its out. The work with the engine requires only a demo version unless you are a programmer.

TEAM: The team is fresh and just starting. We need volunteers.

  1. Vladimir T. - Gaming is a bit of a hobby I have been interested in for teh last year. I have finished Management course in College. I work daily as manager, engineer, admin, designer, product designer. I have worked on two projects before in gaming but the ambitions of those projects were too high and the programmers didn’t handle the task. I was mainly doing organisation, design. For this project I am willing to invest my own money, supply gameplay/concept design, ideas on puzzles and clue for island travelling, resource gathering, management, getting team together, providing hosting and all else i can handle. I have little expirince in 3d: Blender. But I am a specialist in Solidworks. (you will find me on V3D engine forums as tvvladimir, my skype: tvvladimir)
    2)Adam - taking this work project as a student to learn more programming, so yeah he does the programming part. (you will find him on V3D forums as AndroidAdam; his skype: androidadam)

As we are not sure if this team will work, a free website was created at: http://lethalfactory.caboom.net/ Please don’t mind for now that the website is so poorly designed as I just created it on 22/06/2008 and really didn’t have time to do anything after that. Come on monday best, for then I should have proper layout…

If you are interested please contact me on: tvvladimir-yahoo-com or by skype: tvvladimir

I thank you all for your attention.