3D Environments for Bionicle Stop Motion Feature Film

I’m putting together a feature-length film based on the 2007 arc of the Lego Bionicle story. A large majority of the film takes place in the underwater locations of Mahri Nui and The Pit. The film is titled “Bionicle Ignition 2,” and will be uploaded to YouTube via my channel “BionicleNP.” I’d like to collaborate with someone who can create 3d environments for me to use as backgrounds in the form of still frame images in my editing software, basically for my stop motion characters to live in. Anyone interested? Here is a link to a roadmap for the key locations and what I’m looking for: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14X0JKHN98cpUiQ2jPaqIJpKMI9GtLxXnNMYU3FEZILw