3d facebook gaming company looking for 3d modelers


Hello all you great Blender modelers, animators, and texturers. We're using some of the most cutting-edge tech to create and deploy 3D games across Facebook and Myspace.  We are looking to expand our staff, and would like to find someone that is a good fit.  You may not be a rock star, but you will be. You have a ton of ideas, and they keep you up at night.  You have vision, no one understands, except your 3d modeling program.

We want someone fast that doesn’t suck; a modeler/artist that is familiar with any of the more mainstream programs, even the free ones, and doesn’t take forever. Examples of such programs are Max, Maya, Cinema, Lightwave, Blender, Anim8or, etc. We are pulling a ton of interest down, and really don’t want to offer this to someone that will drag us down. The deadlines are flexible, within reason, as we are all developers, and know how that goes. But honestly, if you don’t have the passion and are just looking for a job, go away and please don’t waste our time.

We want someone young, looking to break into the industry. You must be hungry for results. We have taken the time to research, practice, trial and error, redesign, and successfully execute 3d social gaming. We do not want someone that does not share the same passion.

If we’re going to dedicate our time helping bring your graphics to life, we expect the same. We want someone wants to make money with this, but is willing to work with us, instead of gouging us. If you’re interested, please send:


Send this info to:

And please look at our beta before replying. The link is:

Put the name of our beta in your email title, or we will not consider you at all.
Let’s see what you can do.

Jason James, and
Brian Kononchik

With attitude like this, I would suggest anyone getting involved with these guys has something in writing.

Why not facebook account? :stuck_out_tongue:
Too bad I don’t have experience with maya, max and lightwave. It’s great you guys also want people from the blender community.

Very rude proposal, AFAIK.

“We want someone fast that doesn’t suck” “But honestly, if you don’t have the passion and are just looking for a job, go away and please don’t waste our time.”
Any other previous works that you guys’ve completed? And deadlines? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anim8or isn’t that great, and the development is too slow, plus you want someone who’s fast- and Anim8or can’t be worked on with speed.

Just a side note.

Good stuff - I am an occasional facebook user, so will be interested in your project. Amazing that there is a niche in a growing community like facebook, and you have found it.

Firstly, It’s your first post so no doubt you’ve posted this in a large amount of forums, could be classed as spam really.

Secondly you come across as pretty arrogant and unprofessional.

Thirdly, please come back when you are capable of writing a correct and professional job advertisement, that doesn’t insult potential applications on nearly every single line.

And finally, I personally would advise no one on this forum to apply for this, it does NOT sound professional and I would be surprised if anyone who did work would receive any benefits (pay). of course I cannot be sure of this, but going off the language used, writing style and personal experience (of similar situations) I would be very wary.

I don’t understand why anyone replies to posts like this, had I seen it before everyone replied to it, I would have reported it as spam…

Just let the post die a slow, painful, useless death…

I feel dirty for even posting this response…


kbot, you are always too eager to help, that’s not bad, but you need to be wary of spam.

Look at the developer’s Facebook profile, very unprofessional.

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