3D Fantasy Pop-Up Book...an idea...

So TechBlitz is just around the corner (the local competition that I one 1st place at last year) and this year I want to do something interactive but not another walkthrough. I have to make it educational and I get bonus points if it has to do with reading.

So here’s my idea: An interactive pop-up storybook, telling a classic fairy tale. It would have multiple camera angles and a “read it to me” option. After each page is done, unless it’s in read it to me mode, you can pan around the book and look and the different elements, then chose to turn the page. There would be many moving parts and pieces.

What will it look like?: Think “LittleBigPlanet”. I want it to look moody, with dynamic lights to change with the story. Everything will be shadow baked. And a book. It will look like a book.

So what is the problem here?: I’m no n00b with Blender, but I’m not really sure how to make the pages open and things pop up as it happens. That’s where I need help. I would imagine using Armatures, but If the gurus out there have better ideas, PLEASE share them. I also need to know what fairytale to use. I have a few ideas, but you’re welcome to put in your $0.02 :D.
I have until May 1 or so, but I need to get on the ball right away.:yes: All ideas are appreciated and taken into thought. Danke!

I’ll brainstorm ideas, man. Sounds really cool! Is this TechBlitz a local thing?

Yeah, it’s local. My porject from last year is found here:


If you were wondering…what do you think as far as a fairy tale? I want to do something different, but not very violent or grotesque (most fairytales are, you know…)

Again, sounds like great fun. What tale did you learn the most from?

You could use an ipo to make the objects visible as the page opens and invisible as it closes.

You could add interest by haveing the pop-ups morph into themselves after the page opens and vise versa.

You could have a mist, and as the mist clears, the objects become visible.

You could have the objects walk through the turning page into the next scene/page…could be fun.

Seconds later:

Instead of a tale you could do sing a longs… same thing with the pop ups…
Like row row row your boat?
Mares, eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, …
The worms go in the worms go out the worms play pinnacle on your snout…whoops gross…

Ooooh…You sound like the spawn of MC Escher…anyway…that’s getting pretty complex, but I like it. I think i really want it to look like a real pop-up book, just extremely ornate and fantastic. But I night be able to mix in you ideas with it…first I HAVE to come up with a fairy tale…:spin:

If your pages are going to close right against eachother, armatures might get kind of messy. I would have the pages and pop-ups all seperate objects parented to empties, and animate the empties with ipos. This way, you could also add those cool tabs and sliders to click on and make things on the page move. :smiley: Actualy, armatures would work fine too. As for a story, how about the Wizard of Oz? Every 3D storybook needs a tornado coming out of the pages.

Ok, can I do the pop up with songs? I like that idea a lot! I can see a row boat floating on a lake in a book, lol.

You could make all the objects have the same center point, I mean in the same location. Have them on their backs and then pivot them up.

Dont allow camera movement until they are up. Otherwise the viewer will see them coming from underneath, kinda ugly. Then tilt the book upright a little so the user can see the pop up 3d and go ‘ohhhh’, and allow camera movement.

Perhaps do a few scenes from Peter Pan, with tink in them… maybe the scene where she is sick ? That pulls the viewer in…

No, It;s going to have to be a whole story. Go ahead and do the sing a long idea. It sounds cool.

BTW, my armature plans includes each page being a seperate object with it’s own armature.

Does anybody have ideas for a fairytale? I’m on a strict schedule and I have to know the fairytale I’m gonna do by Saturday…

moody…fairytale…children…Hansel and Gretel

Wow, sweet idea. :DMind if I add this to the list of things I should do in the future? Probably for some other fairy tale books other than the one you’re going to use.

Good luck with your project.

Jason Lin