3d file browser using BGE

i thought this would be an interesting application of BGE. Use it as interface front end for a 3d file browsing program that possibily let you use some type of physics and manipulate folders in 3d space

i thought it would kinda be interesting to do

i like to hear wat you guys think about it

I’ve seen some great apps like this, check out https://windirstat.info/ for a look at a good implementation for checking out the size and type of folders and files on your computer visually. it’s great for deciding what to erase and what to keep and finding out what exactly is tanking up 37 gigs on your C:\ drive.

Some points to consider:
It’s slow. it takes a long time to gather all the info you need on all the contents of your various hard drives. There’s quite a long preparation stage when running such a program. If you limited interaction to a subset of part of your disk, like a single folder such as “program files” you’d not need such a long prep time.

Oh the danger! Imagine if while running your program during testing it suddenly got stuck in a loop, pasting multiple copies of a file in to a different directory. Or if it acidentally formatted your hard drive. You want to be careful about accessing, editing and moving files at first, perhaps limiting your experiments to a single flash drive. I’ve had times when a project of mine crashed for some really strange reason, getting caught in a loop doing something I NEVER intended. Take care! :slight_smile: