3D Fonts?

Anyone knows where I could find some .blend files of 3D letters? I’m fairly new to Blender so I’m not really good at modeling stuff yet, I tried to make some letters but they just look ridiculous :confused:
Anyway, thanks for the help.

lol. all fonts for a Text object are 3D. just click the depth/extrude button to something other than 0. You can render hollow, with front fraces (front), backsides (back) as well as bevel them a little.


Sorry to intrude, I was just wondering if there was any place where I could download some free texts; the only one that’s there is bulitin.

You can change the font from the same panel.

Go to the Font panel in F9 (Editing) with your text selected. Hit the “Load” button . Your 3D view should be file browser now . Navigate to the Fonts directory on you HD (in Windows this is usually C:/Windows/Fonts) . Select the font face you want (LMB then hit Enter) . BTW I think Blender only uses the .ttf format (True Type Font) . And there you go … suddenly hundreds of fonts styles and all on your own hard drive !


I use 1001freefonts.com

Here’s a verbose tutorial on fonts in Blender: It shows not only how to make your fonts 3D, but how to beautify and warp them. Enjoy!