3D Foosball Game

(CurtYoung) #1


I use Blender for a while and decided to check out what we were able to do with the Blender game logic.

Thanks to the community, and some other forum, youtube tutorial, etc, I was able to do this without asking for help :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bad quality, I tried to record a video with my computer but the fps drop is way too much… So I recorded with my phone.

I have a better video here, though I wasn’t playing, it’s just an animation lol

I face one problem :

  • How can I make a static object playing a sound when hitted by another static object?

Things I wanna add to the game :

  • An introduction video (already done, I’ll follow the tuto to add the vid, I downloaded the script).
  • A main menu where you can chose your team, so the texture of the players needs to change.
    And a “how to play” inside the main menu, among maybe other features…
  • Eventually, replace Home/Away by the corresponding name of the team (eg : Liverpool - Chelsea)
  • After X points the game ends and say who won the game. (I think I’ll set this to 5 points)

Tell me what you think, if you have tips, it’s my first video game!


(Nicholas_A) #2

why does it look like the ball bounce is fake?

(Nicholas_A) #3

also to answer your answer about static collide static: sound, static objects can’t collide with each other.

(CurtYoung) #4

Second video is fake, it’s an animation, I animated the ball…

I’ll try to do a better recording of the actual game :slight_smile:

(CurtYoung) #5

Argh… Well, it’s not a big deal, it was just the sound of the players hitting the wall…


  • I added an intro movie, it works but it’s not as good as it should, it looks like if it was a smallest resolution video…

(CurtYoung) #6

Here’s some news with a realtime video of the game (sorry for the fps drop, my computer is old…)

I’m actually creating a main menu but I’m facing problems so I’ll ask for help… I’ll create another topic and try to be as clear as possible.
I’m really surprised how small my game is, so far : only 198mo.

When I’ll be happy with the result, I’ll share the game so you could test it for me :smile:

Thanks for your help & support!

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