3d force pen

I have an idea, an open source 3d force feedback mouse

someone help me make them with reprap :slight_smile:

the password is aaaa

Interesting. Probably handy for Game Engine usage.

Personally I just stick the Novint Falcon, which has a free sdk for both its f-gen implementation and the actual unit itself. Some have even turned it into controls for personal robots among other things. I own one so I can vouch for its effectiveness. It’s priced pretty reasonably for a haptics device (less than $300, used you can get it for $100).


Yay! I still want to design a Rep-Rap version, but I will probably buy this :slight_smile:

I think mine is slightly larger in scale, and is not intended to be slapped around(though that is awesome)
mine was more intended for editing and moving a hand around, but if you mixed my idea and a glove and some air bladders… tactile feedback!

Does anyone own a rep-rap? could you make some things for me if I sent you materials and or money?
or not? :slight_smile:

looks really cool to use but ergonomically looks like a RSI injury waiting to happen. Little movements with no support will destroy your wrists and elbow nerves.

it could have a “dwell force”