3d format convertions

I’m using autocad for mac and i was trying to import draftings from it to blender
autocad for mac can produce dxf or dwg(it’s not identical to windows version and some features are missing)
then I found this gem:
just wanted to share…

ps: you can upload dxf but not dwg

When I go from autocad to blender, I usually export as .stl direct from autocad. Works pretty well for me.

I tried it and it worked only for 3d object I needed 2d shapes

Ah, that makes sense. For an ACAD -> Blender 2d exchange, I usually export to DXF, then open that up in inkscape and save out as an SVG, then import that into blender.

Not trying to knock your suggestion, just wanting to share some of my experiences.

I found Accutransto be a very reliable 3d format conversion tool throughout the years, especially for Autocad dxf files. It is inexpensive, and provides all sorts of other useful tools to prepare and control 3d object conversions. For example, problematic (inverted) normals can easily be identified and fixed.


The licensing is completely build on trust - very commendable.