3d from z-stack

Dear all.
I am an insect taxonomist and know nothing about 3d art, so please tolerate my ignorance.
I want to do morphometric work on a group of beetles. The input file to the program that I want to do my analyses in, have to be a .ply file. I have a program (Helicon Focus), that z-stacks a series of images for me and gives me an image that is completely in focus. It also gives a 3d image that is in .obj format. I have tried to covert that to .ply but with limited success.
Is there any way that BLENDER can combine a z-stack and export it in .ply format? If not, any ideas or software suggestions?


A z-stack is a series of images at different focus levels of the same subject. The software then ‘combines’ them discarding the out of focus bits and keeping only the in focos bits to give an image that is completely in focus.

Anyway, it seems that I have to pay qute a bit to get a program that can do this…



^^^You’re referring to deconvolution. You might want to look at NIH ImageJ for a free solution with deconvolution plugins.