3D Game Project, Excellent Opportunity, Great Potential Payoff

I’m looking for help in creating a 3D collegiate wrestling game. The market for this type of game is highly accessible. We will employ a grass roots marketing scheme targeting major high school and college wrestling tournaments and dual meets around the country. We will have online and some limited mail distribution.

I’m looking for a team of 5 to create a game demo in blender using the blender game engine, preferrably 3 artists and 2 game developers. One artist for background/foreground/level design and content creation, two character artists, one game programmer and myself. The effort will be split 5 ways, 20% a piece, thus so will the profit. If new members
are added they will take a percentage of my profit for their effort. That is if we add another member, i’ll give them say
5% and i’ll get 15%.

The demo will be used for marketing. We’ll expand on the demo to create the final production version of the game.

If interested, please contact [email protected]

Here’s a little information about me, which will shed some light on why I’m very interested in creating such a game.

I was a division I All American Wrestler in 2001 @ the 174 lb weight class for Lehigh University and I have connections to Olympians, National Champions, and many, many other wrestlers in the community. My coach was an Olympic team coach in 2000 and was a world team coach numerous times. This is where we will be
getting scouting and technique video for character design. I attained a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 2001 and have developed software in large and small ways for the last 7 years. I enjoy playing video games and wanted to create a game for the wrestling community. That being said, I have a good understanding of the types of techniques, wrestling moves, involved in collegiate and world class wrestling (Olympic level, I also competed on the world class level for 2 years, one year placing 6th at the US Open in the freestyle category at 84kg).

I’ve been in touch with a couple of mocap studios to research their process and price. Mocap will be the avenue that we’ll take to create our character animations, getting the wrestling techniques in the game. I will compile a list of offensive and defensive techniques and design studio shoots, of which will be done by wrestlers, to capture what we need. For the demo, that would only mean a handful of techniques.

The following is a basis for the Game Design Document, which will be a work in progress. Collaboration with writing it is more than welcome, as are questions, comments and concerns. (I will be putting it in an outline format in the next couple of days):



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to get someones atention to the game you must provide at elast some consept or show some enthusiasm towords the project
or people would just think that you just want to get all the credit for not doing anything…which is usualy the case with the “project starters”

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