3D Game Textures (Book Excerpt)

I strongly recommend this book to those starting out in game design for a career or as just a hobby. This book has a lot of information on how to make good looking textures and some simple modeling tricks that give your textures more depth and added realism.


Check out this excerptfrom the book = )

Im always looking for something else to get better at…thanks

Some very good articles on texturing: www.onona3d.com/tutorials.htm

Also intresting is this tutorial, wich covers texturing when you are desgning a map: http://phalanx.planetunreal.gamespy.com/tut’s/tutorial_tex.htm
You should check out the other tutorials the guy wrote on level design, they are extreemly good, you can find 'em here http://phalanx.planetunreal.gamespy.com/