3D Gamestudio

Hi, does anyone know anything about 3d Gamestudio. I want to use it to make my game but i dont know how to get the models made in blender to work with it. Do you just load it with the programming or do you have to import it to the modeler of 3dgamestudio first. I tried to import it to 3dgamestudio’s modeler but doesnt support so i exported to .x and importted to 3dgamestudio but subsarfacing and smooth is gone so the model looks bad. Please give advice and help of what to do to fix my problems.
Thanks :smiley:

well, for the subsurfacing thing, click alt C to covert the subsurface to mesh before exporting. i don’t know about the smooth thing though. maybe you could manually edit the file.

Oh, well thanks alot for the reply, ill try immediately. Does anyone know anything about importing animation to 3dgamestudio?


it’s been a long time since I’ve played with 3D Game Studio ( A5)
At the time we use Milkshape ( not expensive great little soft) to make/export
animations to 3DGS
The 3DS format works very well with 3DGS but unfortunately
there’s no exporter for Blender that exports animations too…i guess, not shure.