3D Generalist and Someone with Keynote/PowerPoint Expertise

3D Generalist and Someone with Keynote/PowerPoint Expertise

Hello everyone!

I am a individual creating an online video course and it will center around a Keynote/PowerPoint presentation with a strong emphasis on 3D animation and models. I have just formed an LLC and do not as yet have a website up.

I have created more than 90% of the models already.

I am looking for someone who can provide generalist work in blender including but not limited to:

  • Model creation
  • Textures
  • Background Scenes and Lighting
  • Animations

I would imagine someone with intermediate level skills would find this job fairly straight forward as I have accomplished a lot on my own and am a novice at best.

I may also have need for this person to help with designing a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation.

I anticipate needing 30+ animations (I am not sure on the exact number yet, it may be a lot more than this), however, none of which will be longer than a couple of minutes.

Many of these animations will be starting with something simple, then progressively adding more details to it.

I may not even need these animations to be rendered if they look good using only the camera in the viewport (I can just record the screen in the viewport for the final animations).

I will also require several images of the various models or scenes (that do not need to be rendered if they look good in the viewport; I can just screen shot them).

I am looking to have this completed within the next two to three months.

Please let me know if you are interested as well as your availability and hourly wage. We can also discuss a fee for service model if that would be more appealing.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hope you’re doing good.

I can help with your requirement.
PM sent. Please check it.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hello i am interested in helping you. We can pay per model, per hour, or you could contract me for a month. Looking forward to hearing from you

I’ve sent you a PM :wink:
Have a good day!


Just sent you a PM!



Attached is my ArtStation portfolio with some examples of my work

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/joshmarshall
Email: [email protected]


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