3D Generalist for Blender 2.8

We are looking for long term 3D Generalist for Blender that can work remotely with Blender 2.8.
Our project is a TV series animation for kids called The Diddlys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vLgpRn3TUU&t=51s
Please send us your portfolio with your recent works, and what’s your expertise in Blender, like Rigging, Modeling, Materials, Modifiers, etc

Between 500$ to 1000$ for every 10 minutes of animation, depending on the experience you have with every aspect of the software, where you have the responsibility to help the team where needed, in every aspect of the animation from modeling, rigging, materials till rendering and so on.

We need a veteran in Blender with more than 5 years experience,

[email protected]

Follow my reel, but my minimum is 1500$ per month


  • Blender
  • Maya


  • Animation
  • Rigging
  • Rendering / Light / Shading
  • Scripting

My Reel - 100% Blender

Reel Animation - https://vimeo.com/292037213

Reel Lookdev and rendering - https://vimeo.com/292413839

Skype: edgard.caliman
Email: [email protected]

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Hello there,

I may want to thank for your interest regarding this job.

However, as we have a lot of applications, and will take some time to review all of them.

Thanks for your precious time,

All the best,

În mie., 27 feb. 2019 la 15:51, edgard_caliman via Blender Artists Community [email protected] a scris:

Veteran 3D Generalist
500$ per month
Are you serious?


Hey Romanji,

Of course, we can pay much more depending on the experience.

Thanks for your interest,

I’m Danilo Castro and I work as a 3D generalist.
I work with several programs, but I have agility with Maya, Blender and Cinema 4D.



Kind Regards

Email: [email protected]

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Hey Castro,
Amazing works :+1:

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Thanks man, I appreciate that.

I’m a 3D Generalist with more than 5 years experience.
exhibition design& animation https://www.behance.net/ZinaidaRadkova
scripting/animation/compositing https://cg3dartist.wixsite.com/amyloid
animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2Ij-h9T-R0&t=204s
modelling/rigging/animation etc https://cg3dartist.wixsite.com/zinaidaradkova

[email protected]

Great work :+1:

În mie., 6 mar. 2019 la 22:43, Zinaida via Blender Artists Community [email protected] a scris: