3D Generalists - Game Development

Company: SYGO Studios

Game Title(s): 1) The Black Mist (mobile), 2) TBD – 2D – In production (mobile), 3) TBD – in early production, (PC), 4) In concept phase (PC)

Platforms: Mobile, PC

Engine: Unity, UE4

3D Software: Blender, Substance Painter (preferred) at minimum

Join an international team of over thirty developers, artists, and sound effects specialists combining their efforts to produce quality games on multiple platforms. Each member is extremely active and communicates on a dedicated Discord server on a daily basis. We are looking for one or two talented artists who would like to contribute their time to a project on a voluntary basis. The mid-term goal of the company is to acquire external funding as projects already under development are released.

Role: 3D Generalists experienced in (and/or):

  • Hard surface modeling
  • Organic sculpting
  • Concept Art
  • Character design
  • Rigging and Animation
  • Texturing (Substance Paint a plus!)
  • Lighting
  • Material creation
  • World building

It is not necessary for the successful candidate to be at the expert level on everything, but they should be able to pickup new concepts and workflows in a timely fashion. Because this is a team environment, consistent contribution is a must. If you have a new skill to bring to the team, we’d love that, too! We strive to constantly learn from each other and rely on honest constructive criticism. The end result of the project is always the priority.

If you think this sounds like something interesting, please get in touch with a brief summary of your experience, goals, and a portfolio link. If it sounds like a match, we’ll be in touch!

Thank you!


I’m curious, what kind of hard surface models would you need? (if you could provide an example)

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Since it’s on a voluntary basis I might be interested if you posted something about the game and it sounded like something I would have fun making.

I’m also curious why the Substance Painter. Blender has great painting tools. 3DCoat is also superb.
There is also Layer Painter for Blender to make it more like Substance painter.

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For the mobile release, the style was low poly, very cubic. Here are some examples of the weapons created by one of our artists. Since the time of my posting, we have finished the modeling work on that project. So I’d be looking for 3D generalists who would be interesting in talking about project 4. It is a PC release in pre-production but will require far more detail than this example. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you an invite to our discord where we can talk more.

As with everything else, there are many ways to reach an end result. Since the team works exclusively with Blender, that is a hard requirement. With SP, it’s not a requirement, rather a preference. If an artist would rather use Blender’s texture paint or any other resource, that’s fine by us!

Since the time of this posting, the artwork for Project 1 has been completed. Consequently, I’d be looking to talk with interested candidates for #4, a PC release. Since it’s in pre-production, there isn’t much to show at the moment. Once the concept artwork is up and GDD available, I’d have more to show. If you’d like to stay in touch, let me know. I can send you a discord invite to our public server, as well. Thanks for your interest!

looks interesting

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Thanks. I checked out your Art Station page - nice work. Let me know if you’re interested in talking with us. We’re always looking for great artists!