3D glasses - anyone?

Anyone here as any experience with 3D glasses and BGE? If so what do you think of it? Besides the red-cyan, for the other 3D output which type of glasses are needed etc.? Which is better and why? How heavier is it to run a game using 3D output? And so on…

I’m thinking of buying some 3D glasses to try it out. :cool:

Its not bad!
RED/CYAN is seen as the inferior tecnoogy, due to colour errors, but it’s cheap and cheerful, plus you need a special monitor to use the other methods.

I don’t like 3d glasses. They don’t work for me and lots of other people.

HMM… really?
I find they DO work, the trick with all 3D is it must be viewed from a certain distance, in order for the defpth to look right.
For example, sometimes you have to be 1 -1.5 m away from screen!
You can change this by setting depth perception.

I did a lot of Stereo3D shorts already.
The average eye distance for europeans is 6.5cm. If you create your stereopair with that distance you should be save.
The problem is though, people with smaller eye distance, get nausia, those with wider eye distance perceive less stereo effect.
And there are certain people, that are not able to perceive the stereo 3D at all. It´s just the way it is.

For realtime Stereo3D, the calculations double, meaning your FPS will cut in half, because you have to calculate each frame twice, for each eye once.
There are only 2 real options, shutter or polarized.
Shutter looses ~70% of its overall brightness, although only one eye is covered for each frame, it doesn´t work very good with artifical light anywhere and the goggles are expensive.
Polarized is mostly contrast true, needs just cheapass goggles, like the ones in the cinemas, but you need a special display. And the cheap displays end with cutting your vertical resolution in half, as all even lines are polarized vertical, all odd lines are polarized horizontal.

All in all, I think Stereo3D as we got it now is a fail that will not prevail.
It has it´s moments for cinema and the wow effect, certain scientific applications but beyond that it is crap - and for serious scientific stuff mostly HMD´s are used anyways (head moutnted displays, two small screen in the goggles, price ~2000USD for 1024*768)
It will get intresting once we can project images directly in the eye, and base the DOF on where the eye is looking.

For the BGE i would advise using the Cyan-Red method…but thats cos i’m oldschool XD
Also, realtime compiling, make sure you have something set up for that (Python, anyone?)

I prefer red/cyan. My mom forced me to go watch Never Say Never in 3D and it hurt my eyes watching it. It also hurt while I watched Avatar.Personally, I’d definitely go with the red cyan:

It’s cheap
It’s fun
And you just can’t beat the classics!

By the way, did anyone else have any problems with their eyes? I’m just asking.

i prefer polarized 3d glasses (in 3d cinema). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polarized_3D_glasses
…n not sure either it can be use in blender.

You can use polarised glasses but they require stereoscopic screens with the interlaced option enabled, Red-Cyan is the best option for a game, because not everyone could afford to buy a stereo screen to play your game :smiley: Also, make sure it’s optional, or you might get people moaning at you… (perhaps give separate download links for 3D and 2D) :smiley: Red-Cyan glasses? coughAmazon/Ebay Can’t beat the classics… (think of the memories you’d evoke of the people using Red-Cyan for the first time in ages :stuck_out_tongue: you wouldn’t need any plot to your game, just make 'em reminisce) :smiley:

Of course, I know not everyone can see 3D the way you’re supposed to with those glasses. I think it could be a rather cheap marketing “something” for game developers cough especially Blender game developers cough as 3D (the fake brain trick effect, with the glasses and the ridiculously expensive 3D TV’s) is becoming more popular. And the red-cyan way is very cheap actually.

Waiting for my glasses to arrive. Thanks for all the feedback so far.

can you share any project?