3D Glasses & Blender

(Rob) #1

Is anyone using 3D glasses with Blender? Just wondering if it worth getting into yet?


(IngieBee) #2

check these out:


I want a pair. Apparently, if you have a nvidia card, it will do it all for you. Check out the other products linked to Nvdia’s site:

It looks like tons of fun, but still too expensive for me. I’d prefer the fist pair (above) to shutter ones that use your monitor. But either one would be cool. It should work with Blender or any 3d games you have as well as Autocad, etc… Man I wish I could buy a pair!!! LOL

Love Ingie

(dmoc) #3

Hi Rob, I have used LCD shutter glasses with Blender. NAN did a fix in a release last year that enabled stereo usage and while it did work (and very well), my machine would hang after a few runs. On reading your post it occurred to me that the problem may be avoided by toggling out of stereo mode before quitting the game engine (I’ll have to try it some time). Anyway, my stereo card is an ASUS 6800, “deluxe” version (I think) that comes with the glasses. Don’t read too much into the “deluxe” as it’s only a GF256, but I’m happy with it :smiley:

(stephen2002) #4

I have tried stero shutter glasses before, but the flickering drives me insane. I can’t even use a monitor with a referesh rate lower than 70Hz, and the shutter glasses half the refersh rate of the monitor, making it flicker.

(dmoc) #5

I think 100Hz is the recomended refresh rate for this type of stereo. At 800x600 I can just about get my monitor to cope with 85Hz. At this frequency the flicker is hardly noticeable (but some people are more supceptable to it than others). The biggest probem is “ghosting” and a monitor with a fast decaying phospher is really required to reduce it. However, a while back I saw a proposal to dynamically compensate for ghosting but at the time the technique would have been unfeasible to implement in hw and impossible with sw. I have been meaning to check if the technique has been revisited because is seems to me that pixel shaders may help. I am currently designing a stereoscopic system but because of the ghosting problem I am basing it on a dual display set-up.